How the PrO2 works

What the PrO2 does


  1. System injects Oxygen
  2. Microorganisms consume oxygen
  3. Massive reductions of TSS, BOD, COD, and Ammonia to name a few

 The PrO2 Series is a proprietary gasification system that injects controlled levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) at extremely low operating costs. The unit uses a small slip stream from a clear water source or filtered water source , supersaturates it with oxygen, and utilizes precision applicators to reintroduce oxygenated fluid back into the targeted waste stream—where it is needed, when it is needed. 

Mixtures of liquids and gases (Henry's Law)


 The solubility of a gas in the liquid is quantified using Henry’s Law.  Henry’s Law states that the mole fraction of gas dissolved in the liquid (like the concentration) is directly proportional to the pressure of the gas over the liquid.

\[P_{\rm gas} = K X_{\rm gas}\]

 The consequences of Henry's Law are fairly straight forward. Double the pressure.  Double the concentration (mole fraction). 

PrO2 overview


  The PrO2 is a revolutionary, patented
technology capable of delivering pure
oxygen in a truly dissolved state into
a diverse number of waste streams
at a small fraction of the cost of
conventional aeration methods.

The PrO2 nanotechnology, super
saturates the water with pure oxygen,
hyper concentrated in a solution
consisting of 20% nano-bubbles and
80% fully dissolved oxygen resulting
in extremely high dissolved oxygen
delivery with virtually no off-gassing
and absolutely no Nitrogen being
delivered in the process.

Henry's Law

Check out this video on Henry's Law




 The smallest unit in the series, the PrO2-021 is designed to be wall mounted and is intended for lighter applications where mobility is key. At its highest capacity, this unit injects .85 lbs. of oxygen per hour and delivers dissolved oxygen at a rate of 2 GPM. 



 Designed to be compact and portable, the PrO2-052 is intended for lighter applications. At its highest capacity, this unit injects 1.9 lbs. of oxygen per hour and delivers dissolved oxygen at rate of 5 GPM. 



  The PrO2-154 is our flagship water remediation unit. Designed for permanent installation, it is intended for municipal, industrial, and commercial applications. At its highest capacity, this unit injects 6 lbs. of oxygen per hour and delivers dissolved oxygen at a rate of 15 GPM.  


50 to 250 Gallon Per Minute units

  • Treat, monitor and maintain precise DO levels in multiple environments 
  • Low HP
  • Best suited for high flow and loading applications 
  • XL capacity in a small footprint



PrO2 Micro-Filtration and Conditioner Unit

 The PrO2 Micro-Filtration and Conditioner Unit can be used in conjunction with any PrO2 Oxygen Delivery System. Ensuring a consistent supply pressure is maintained; the unit will also prevent particulates from clogging the main system. 


PrO2 Dissolved Oxygen Applicators

  The PrO2 Dissolved Oxygen Applicators deliver up to 4 GPM each. Multiple applicators can be used simultaneously for variable feed rates within a zone.