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We are the waste water and irrigation experts that you need to know.  As environmental waste water and irrigation consultants we have the best solutions in the industry to solve these problems.  Our solutions use the technology of the Pro2 which dissolves gas into a liquid solution to speed up the biological and chemical process to unheard of levels.  We also couple this technology with bioaugmention to introduce beneficial microbes into the environment that we want to effect and with pinpoint accuracy to reduce pH levels, BOD, COD, to clean up waste water ponds, lagoons and tanks. We also use this same technology to hyper saturate DO, dissolved oxygen, into water and fertilizer irrigation  lines to maximize your plants growth cycle.

We offer trial units to prove success before purchase.  We also offer rental/lease and purchase options.  We will analyse the problems you are having and come up with a solution that meets the need to solve those problems.  

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PrO2 technology


 The PrO2 Series is a proprietary gasification system, based upon Henry's law, that injects controlled levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) at extremely low operating costs. The unit uses a small slip stream from a clear, or filtered water source, supersaturates it with oxygen, and utilizes precision applicators to reintroduce oxygenated fluid back into the targeted waste stream—where it is needed, when it is needed.

The PrO2 can also use CO2 and other gases to lower the pH for DAF & EQ tanks as well


  • The PrO2  delivers pure oxygen (and other gasses) into a diverse number of waste, process and irrigation water environments in a truly dissolved molecular state.
  • Molecular oxygen provides exponentially more surface area for microbial interaction.
  • Molecular oxygen is extremely stable: no off-gassing.
  • Environmentally friendly augmentation of nature's water cleaning process



  Bioaugmentation is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to enhance the natural microbial life found in wastewater treatment systems.

The BioPro, Livestock PRO, and DrainPro Series by Greener Planet Systems contain a blend of five to seven Bacillus strains in various ratios, combined with a proprietary blend of micronutrients that enhances the natural bacteria’s ability to degrade wastewater contaminants.

Our patented bioaugmentation system was developed through years of research and development. It provides a significant reduction in operational costs while also improving the efficiencies of the wastewater treatment process.

Product Benefits

  • Improves operations-facility stability and upset recovery
  • Reduces COD/BOD levels
  • Improves FOG removal
  • Improves facility treatment capacity
  • Reduces odor generation
  • Decreases energy costs
  • Improves nutrient removal
  • Reduces sludge yield and accumulation
  • Reduces foaming
  • Improves floc formation and settling characteristics
  • Decreases chemical costs
  • Reduces sludge handling and removal costs